My Story

Where to begin? Hey! I'm Alexa Pettengill.  Photographer, Illustrator, Art Loving Antique Collecting Doula and momma to the 3 most beautiful little souls that God could have ever sent me. I am a Utah transplant living in the Pacific North West Mainly Boise, Idaho. I've lived from coast to coast New York City, New York to Los Angeles, California. I am married to a really amazing guy and I owe it to the Universe who brought us together. I believe in Serendipity and that everything happens for a reason. I love art, photography, writing. I started taking pictures at the age of 13. Attend an Art based high school which allowed me a lot of educational opportunities and learned so much more about photography. After graduating a year earlier than my senior class I was offered a job in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York as an on site personal photographer for a marketing firm. I lived in New York for a little while and loved that creative atmosphere. Soon after I met my husband, eloped and lived happily ever after.  

13 years of educational and photography experience has taught me a lot. I shoot with a Canon and really love it. I'm always continuing my education because there is always more to learn! Photography and Illustration is my passion as well and birth work. Here and there I attend births as a labor doula and take birth photography.  I am a very blessed individual and I have God to thank for all of it. 

" An artist is typically a being that is filled with so much passion, love or pain for certain lands, people, ideas or images that all they can do with that overflow is bleed it out by creating. And with this type of art, the energy will be shifted from the depths of them and into the depths of the audience to be felt. It is a dance. A transference. An Intimacy. It is to touch and awaken another human in a place they hadn't known was aching, or sleeping. Both are opened. Both are nourished. Both are transformed. "