Frequently Asked Questions


Your interested in booking a session! So now what?

Once you have decided you want me as your photographer for your next photo session please contact me. We will then set up a consultation  date and time to go over what type of photo session your are interested in creating as well as the location. 

Why do you require a Non-Refundable deposit?

My time is valuable. I am a mother and wife and rely on secured Photo sessions as a source of income. If you decide to cancel your session at the last minute your deposit will go towards the time and effort it took to prepare and organize for your session. 

What do you mean by choosing my favorite images?

After your session has ended I will go over all your photos and do a quick edit. We then choose a day to get together and look over your photos together and allow you to choose the ones you love the most. I then do a thorough edit of all the images you have chosen. 

How will you give me my photos?

Usually your images will be put on a High Resolution Disc. Some clients prefer to have their images go straight onto their own flash drive. If you supply me with a flash drive I can put all your images on there for you instead.

Prints? You still do that?

In the age that no one really prints photos anymore, I still offer prints of your images this is because I care about your photos and want you to only have the best quality prints possible. Many times I will give my clients their photos and see them months later and they will show me the prints they had done for the photos I took and they were nothing close to how beautiful they could have been. If you are interested in  prints we will go over the specific pricing for which photos and the amount you would like. 

What is your turn around time?

Depending on how busy or backed up I am will decide the turn around time to receive your fully edited images. If I am backed up and your photos are needed to be edited sooner than when I can get them to you there will be a fee for processing your photos faster. This is because editing photos takes many many hours and putting other things or photos on hold is difficult but doable. 

Do you do last minute photo sessions?

Yes if I am available. However if you choose to book last minute you are required to pay in full + a last minute fee the day you reserve your session

How Fast do you book?

I book months in advance. That being said if you are interested in booking a session do not wait!