Doula Services

Congratulations on your new pregnancy! 

The Luna Doula’ birth philosophy is your philosophy. We feel that every mother has the right to have the birth that she wants. We are here to support the mother, her partner, surrogate parents and adoptive parents during the prenatal, birth, and post partum period. Our goal is to empower and hold space for mothers and soon to be parents to have their dream birthing experience by educating them and helping them through each step during labor. 

We offer a variety of packages listed below.


Lactation Cookies $12 dozen

  • Any variation of cookie you desire to acquire your diet needs to boost your breastmilk supply. Adding only the best ingredients that have shown to increase your supply. 

Placenta Art Print & Cord Keepsake $50-75

  • If you are choosing to not ingest your placenta but still want to keep a lovely memory of your baby's first home Placenta Art is a wonderful way to do so! 

 Herbal Bath Sitz $12  

  • A Postpartum Herbal Bath is the perfect way to soothe your body after giving birth. With a combination of herbs such as lavender blossoms, yarrow, plantain leaf, calendula and chamomile as well as sea salt used as a natural detoxifier and witch hazel known for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It well help you relax, aid in healing and prevent infection.

Labor Doula Support $750

  • Free initial family interview
  • Two prenatal visits (one after 35 Weeks)
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • Full labor support (no hour limit)
  • Two hours after delivery for post partum comfort and help establish feeding.
  • Handouts and information about pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period 
  • Two postpartum home visits (one hour each)
  • As-Time-Allows Photography (photos of labor and delivery as time allows due to mainly acting as doula)
  • Lactation Cookies to help with sustaining milk supply.
  • Complimentary when choosing me as your doula, a Placenta Art Keepsake Print.

Labor & Birth Photography $600

  • This package includes 8 hours of photography of your labor, delivery, 1 hour postpartum and 1 hour of photography 24-48 hours after delivery to capture your first moments as you and your partner get to know your new baby. These will also include some newborn photos while you are in the hospital. You will receive the digital library with all the edited photos and printing rights.

Labor Support + Birth Photography

  •  The labor doula support package combined with birth photography with a flat fee of $1000.00