7 Thanksgiving Traditions You need to start this year!

7 Thanksgiving Traditions You need to start this year!

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and every year I feel like Thanksgiving is mostly made up of cooking and sitting around which is totally fine but it got me thinking. I want the kids to look back and remember the fun memories we had together. When I was a child our thanksgiving literally consisted of 20+ people squeezed into a kitchen snacking on finger foods and starving at the same time. My parents had a lot of mouths to feed plus relatives so the last thing they could do was entertain the kids and with a family of 7 kids we were kind of expected to entertain each other. Well to sum it up we all got a little bored. So this year I decided to make a time schedule for meals and prepare things ahead of time so I can spend a little more time on Thanksgiving day playing with the kids instead of getting them out of the kitchen. 

1. Movie Marathon -  Yes a movie marathon! I mean you can keep the movies playing all day long while you come and go. However there is a list of a few sentimental films that I think are thanksgiving appropriate. Obviously you know what the first one is going to be:

  •  Planes, Trains and Automobiles,
  • Rocky
  •  The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • Friends season 8 episode 9 - The one with the rumor
  • Son-in-Law

Thats just a few to get you started! 

2. Try a new Recipe - Scour pinterest there is 1000's of recipe on there that I know would make for the perfect dish on thanksgiving or maybe you might be interested in trying a gluten-free thanksgiving for any guest that you might have over who have allergies. 

3. Break a wishbone - Now if you haven't been doing this well... Just hop on the band wagon and get on it! This is an old time american thanksgiving tradition plus its kinda fun!

4. Holiday Wassail - I love cider and this one just tops my list. Its like drinking all your Thanksgiving and Christmas dreams in a warm mug. 

5. Create a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal after watching the movie!       ( Buttered toast, popcorn, pretzel twists and jelly beans! ) The kids will love it!!!

6. Let the kids help make butter while the food is cooking. - Here and there you will be in the kitchen and if you absolutely cannot get the little ones to leave have them shake heavy whipping cream in a mason jar. They'll be doing it for a while and it will keep them busy allowing you to get things done. Plus who doesn't love fresh butter on those hot thanksgiving rolls!!!

7. Make Pilgrim and Indian photo props to take pictures with! Such fun memories to create and the kids will remember it for years to come!


If you have any traditions that are an absolute must let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear about them! 

Pettengill Family Fall Photos

Pettengill Family Fall 2016

Basically my kids are the hardest ever to photograph and being a a photographer myself I have photographed many children and I've come up with 2 conclusions. 

O N E: because I'm taking the photos the kids assume position and be as silly as possible 

T W O: They are just hard little ones to photograph. 

With that being said I do all of our photos myself because of this reason because I don't want to pay someone else a lot of money for kids who won't sit still. I think its reasonable plus I HAVE to know how the photos look immediately or drives me crazy so I go home and start editing away. One thing I love is seeing photos in the raw. I love how happy my littles are. Ivy (the three year old) this is her real smile. She is just happy always. She's always been this way she will eat your heart out. Imogen (the five year old) she is pro at giving you the craziest smile ever. Switching expressions is her expertise. Both Skyler and I captured these little smiles on Saturday unfortunately Ivy ran off and played so we didnt get many photos of her but we got a few and of course when we wanted all three of the kids to sit together they would only do if momma was around but I love them so much they're my world. 

With that being said enjoy our family photos. This is the closest it gets to Fall in Southern California but it is completely beautiful. 


And my one and only. 

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