Personalized Thanksgiving Napkin Wrap - Free Download

Personalized Thanksgiving Napkin Wrap      

Free Download


I'm one of those people that loves the little touches. The things people probably don't notice. But detail is huge in my eyes. I whipped these up in ps6 Monday night because with Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of weeks I figure we are all somehow preparing a little bit here and there.  Now if you have a lot of company over for thanksgiving this is really perfect for getting everyone seated. 

Here I've made a free download for you to be able to  personalize yourself with your guests names in two different formats. For those with photoshop or an editing program the psd formatted download should download and open up right into your editing program. The jpeg format download you need to click on the photo below it will then open up, you should then right click and save. 

JPEG Format above



PSD Format below

Happy Thanksgiving!!

DIY Faux Fur & Velvet Ottoman Cover

diy Faux Fur & Velvet Ottoman Cover 

Okay so this is how this went down. I went into Hobby Lobby. That was the first mistake (or at least I'm sure my husband would think so ;) and I went in there looking for foam for building my ottoman. ^^^^ the one you see in the picture. 

So I went in there obviously I came out with more than I needed just fabric but I found this velvet fabric 1.5 yards of the soft deep gorgeous make me want to snuggle Santa Clause red velvet fabric. Plus this awesome faux fur and my mind exploded and it was like love at first sight. So.. I bought it. I thought it would be cute to drape over the ottoman. 

It was super simple. 

Plus it was plain to see the kids love it. Imogen was telling me how she loved it and thought it was so soft. So I leaned in real close and I looked at her and I said 

" You know Santa Clause? This is exactly what his clothes feel like... " 

So it's safe to say her whole day was made. 

All you need for this project is a sewing machine. Well plus the fabric but thats kind of  obvious. All I did was sew the 2 pieces of fabric so they were inside out then left a corner unsown so I could pull the cover through then I just stitched the corner up by hand.

Pretty simple and its the perfect little piece to add to your living room. I really love the faux fur look these days. It adds a little bit of fanciness to the room plus you won't break the bank buy making it yourself. I mean I looked up faux fur blankets and there was no way I could pay $200+ dollars on something like that so I am definitely glad I did this little DIY project. It was fun.   


Little man loves snuggling up with it too. I love him so much. 

Let me know if you try this project in the comments!

The easiest DIY Tufted Ottoman EVER!

Do-it-yourself Tufted Ottoman

19 Mott Avenue - living room .jpg
It was a hard decision choosing between these two fabrics!!!

It was a hard decision choosing between these two fabrics!!!

So this was seriously the easiest project I've ever attempted. I cannot emphasize the simplicity of it. Honestly it was harder to find what I needed because the ideas are endless of how you really want to customize your ottoman. But first I need to tell you how much luck I came into building this project. I started Monday so it went kinda like this

  • Monday - We went to the good will Monday morning. Saw some potential coffee tables (one of the items needed for this project) that I could use but decided to hold off and look at the other thrift store. So we go after school and I find seriously " the perfect " coffee table. Its' priced at   $24.00 bucks! Then I find out that anything with a green tag is HALF OFF! WHAT!? $12.00 dollars!? Yes please! So we're scrambling to the register chasing kids around. We get in line and this lady in front of me starts baby talking with Artis (the baby) and she asks is 3 kids hard? I was like yea but you adjust and eventually you dont know how you ever lived without them. We then go on to talking about Sky being in the military and she says thank you for his service it was all really sweet. So we're waiting and she walks up to the register and she turns around and waives to me and she says can I buy your table? WHAT!?!!! HECK YES YOU CAN! Of course I was modest about it and said are you sure but I was totally doing a dance in my mind! It was so awesome because things like that never happen to me! So then we load up the table and go home to tell Sky the awesome news!
  • Tuesday - We set out for Hobby Lobby and Joann's for fabric, foam, quilt batting, nail trim, paint and I also picked up a upholstery stapler as well as heavy duty staples. So we're at the register in hobby lobby and I ask if I can use the online 40% off coupon for the foam and the lady looks at me then looks over everything I have then counts me and all 3 of my kids she says " How about we do this. We ring up your 4 most expensive items separately and because there is 4 of you we use the 40% off coupon for all 4 of those items."  WWHAAAAATTTTT!!!!!?? I was like wait are you serious? She was like of course! So everything would have come up to 120 dollars but it came down to 62 dollars!!! Can you believe that?! The luck is unbelievable! So then we go to Joann's to pick up upholstery buttons and to check and see if there was other fabric I liked there. Well you can guess that there was definitely more fabric I loved. I ended up buying this pretty black and gray plaid and black gem like buttons. We get up to the register and of course the fabric was half off and so were the buttons. Definitely another lucky day for me! 
  • Wednesday - I started on the table and tufting. However! I want to add that Abbie from M is for Mama came up with this amazing tutorial so I'm going to give it over to her to explain in better detail for this seriously easy DIY tufted ottoman.                 

I will say that an ottoman really makes your house feel so much cozier plus its pretty and I do love pretty things! Next I want to add a fur accent blanket with velvet backing but thats for another day :) 



Anthropology Inspired Snow Globes

Anthropology Inspired Snow Globes 

I love these little mason jar snow globes. They are my favorite. I find myself going to the thrift store often looking for mason jars so that I can make them. They are adorable! I even keep them out all year long not just christmas time. They really are so simple to make and there are so many variations that you can make. I have these cute simple bottle brush pine trees with momma and baby deer and buffalo snow all hot glued to the bottom. 

My most favorite variation are these Narnia Snow Globes. I bought the lights at a store called the Christmas Tree Shop. Although you could probably use any street lamp posts from Christmas Villages. Any brand works although I'm pretty sure that most lights like these that come in christmas villages they usually have 3-4 in a wired set that are battery operated. But again they are so simple. So cute and So easy. 

Materials Needed:

  • mason jar
  • figurines that can fit inside the jar
  • hot glue
  • fake snow


I would love to see the variations others come up with. Be sure to comment below!