Cal Poly Pumpkin Picking

Cal Poly Pumpkin Picking 

We had so much fun picking pumpkins this year at Cal Poly! We attempted to go last year on opening day and thousands of people showed up with their wagon so it was a no go for us! We even tried looking for parking but with 2 kids plus myself being 7.5 months pregnant it just wasn't in the books for us. So this year we decide to wait a couple weekends after opening day to go. And it was a hit besides the guy who tried cutting us off the gave us some pretty crude hand gestures but all in all it was an awesome morning. 

The girls LOVED the pumpkin patch and they did not want to leave either. You can guess that when it was time to leave they we're not very excited about that but knowing that they could hold their own pumpkins on the way home helped perk up their moods a bit. 

Ivy's attempt at picking up pumpkins that we're almost bigger than her little self was hilarious and also impressive. 

Imogen is always knows how to have a good time. 

They also had a little pumpkin patch for kids which mainly consisted of smaller pumpkins and little setups for pictures. It was adorable and the kids loved it! 

We had an awesome weekend! We went home and carved our pumpkins Immy wanted Witch feet on hers so daddy carved her out some witch feet. Ivy was asleep so I just carved a little kitty face and we painted a little tiny pumpkin for Artis' first halloween! We are so excited for Halloween this year especially because 3 was the age that Imogen understood what was going on and she could say trick-or-treat! Plus we have a little street in our neighborhood that all the house get together hand out candy while making their house look AWESOME! They play movies outside others create little haunted walk throughs. The last 2 years we've had to drive over about 6:00 to ensure we could get a good parking spot otherwise your practically walking miles and miles to get up a giant hill (Torrey Pines) to go Trick-or-Treating. We also made pumpkin cookies and they were delicious!  As for today our sweet Sunday we've just relaxed and napped a lot while Sky studied for his final. It also rained which is a huge blessing here in Souther California and its finally starting to feel like Fall 82 degrees is the hottest it should get this week with a few rainy days! We're excited to get out the warmer clothes.

I hope everyones weekend went well.