2016 Year In Review & what to expect in 2017


Year In Review 

This year has gone by so fast. What they say about not blinking or you will miss a moment of your children's lives well its true. I feel like this year went by as fast as a blink of an eye literally. I told Sky when I was pregnant with Artis that the first year always goes by so fast and it has been nothing but the truth. So here I am reminiscing over this year. 

To break it down for you



January did start off a little slow as each day I anticipated it as Artis coming any day! My guesstimate date was January 28, 2016 and it was literally just that a guess. It was a month filled of emotion and so much love. Soaking each moment as a mother of two and loving each last moment of my pregnancy as my pregnancy with Artis was in fact my last pregnancy. Skyler is still continuing to finish his bachelors in Nuclear Engineering through Thomas Edison University. 


February was full of adjustment and so much happiness. We celebrated Skylers 30th birthday on the 3rd. When I got pregnant with Artis and had announced to my older brother he told me that Artis would be born February 5th his birthday  I said no way! Are you crazy?! That would mean I would be pregnant for way longer than I wanted to be! Well lo an behold he was right. On February 5, 2016 the sweetest little man was born and stole the hearts of this world. My beautiful blonde hair blue eyed boy born into a family of brunettes. It was literally a dream. I had T W O dreams my whole pregnancy of my baby and both of them were of a curly blonde boy. So when he was born and I looked at him his eyes were the darkest blue the night sky could ever be. My girls eyes were black olives and literally are still to this very day. Artis was born in the water and was the calmest baby I had ever laid my eyes on and still to this day he is very relaxed. My forebag broke in the middle of traffic on the way to the birth center and as soon as we got there my water completely broke in an instant i stripped down got into the a warm bath relaxed and worked through a few contractions and 4 pushes later my little guy was born. People usually ask how long my birth was and I will tell you that my longest birth from water breaking to baby being born was under 2 hours. I have what is called precipitous labor. Contractions on top of each other not fun but with breathing and hypno birthing it will help. I love birth. Its beautiful. 

March - June

March to June was also an adjustment period really. Watching the girls fight for my attention but also love their brother baby so much it was a different world. We celebrated Easter, Mothers day Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of Summer. We battled through Immy's adjustment period at home and school. It was rough but she's come a long way. She is such a helper and I love her so much. She is the best biggest sister and I am so lucky to have her. She made me a momma and I am lucky enough she chose me. Imogen got out of school late June which meant a summer full of activities to keep her busy. 


We spent July spending time with family and enjoying the sunshine. Keeping Imogen busy and also working with her so she could be on top of her ABC's and 123's when she started school. She is such a smart little girl she amazes me everyday! Artis also started crawling this month as well. He has been very advanced from the beginning.


August is a birthday month I turned 25 and Imogen turned 5 years old. Imogen started kindergarten early in August which was nice and helped with shortening the summer time so I wouldnt have to be so stressed out. That 3 hour break is needed with 3 kids plus a baby who only spent a month and half crawling and decided to start walking at just under 7 months!  I also reached my pre-pregnancy weight which was nice. Breastfeeding, exercise and healthy eating play a huge roll in being able to do that. I lost a total of 40 pounds. We also learned that Imogen is one of the youngest in her class but she is still a very smart girl. 


Ivy turned 3 at the end of September. She is my snuggler. Such a lover. She loves to sit on your lap stare into yours eyes and just hold onto your ear lobe. Its more of comfort thing as Imogen had hers. In our family we love Autumn so we had already decked out the house in all our Fall decorations and patiently awaited for the rest of the world to get on board.


October was a super busy month for our family! From Halloween parties, church callings, activities with friends on top of work we were on the go all month long. Skyler still on top of his classes passing with A's. He literally is so smart. He will never say it so I have to for him but Skyler is a hard worker although he has a completely different work schedule than on a submarine he still takes the time to make sure he staying busy. Skyler wakes up 5 a.m. everyday to workout monday through saturday then 3 days a week he also goes to Jujitsu. Ivy learned that she LOVES Halloween and more than we originally thought. 


November was also a busy month. With it being 4 years since Sky had his last deployment that he would ever go on we are still so thankful to keep him home safe. November also marked my sweet mother being gone for 24 years. Gone but never forgotten. We were really lucky to be able to have our Idaho family come and stay the week with us for Thanksgiving. They stayed in our home and it was literally super cozy and so much fun.  We were so grateful they made the trip because 14 hours in the car is NEVER FUN! We made lots of memories together consisting of lots delicious food, the beach, ice cream, late night face time chats with my super cool brother in law and his fiancé that could not come down. My girls love their big brother like cousins so much! They were so sad to see them go! 


And now December. Wow it still shocks me how fast this year went. As Christmas approaches I am reminded how lucky I am to be where I am. Skyler and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary we went out to Vanilla Fish for sushi and to Dripp for hot chocolate. Its been a wonderful month and we cannot wait to see our little ones faces on christmas morning. We constantly remind Imogen that christmas isn't about gifts but the birth of our Savior and I am so thankful she understands.



We have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Starting January we will have 7 months left in the United States Navy. Sky will be taking his transitioning class and start sending out resumes. I can hardly believe its almost here. I remember it was like yesterday thinking about this time in our lives and how it felt so far away. We move in July. We are not sure where we are going yet but we are taking all places of work into consideration. We mostly would love to live near family but it is also important to our family especially Skyler that he be able to fully use his degree so that he can get all that he can out of all his schooling. For now prospective places that we could live in range from Northern California, Portland Oregon, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah Idaho and even possibly Connecticut. Again we have no idea where we are meant to go but with a lot of prayer and faith we know God will guide us wherever we are meant to go. A few months after we move Skyler will finish his degree and then I will be able to start my schooling. I am not sure which career path I want to take but I do know that when I work I do not ever want to work single day in my life. I want to love my job and I will make sure that I can do that. Potential Career paths have differed and also range from Graphic design to Doula & Birth Photographer. I love art and I love birth its beautiful and full of happiness. I have also thought about getting my degree in Marriage and Family Studies. There are a few career paths that I have thought about if I were to go this degree route. Working with single mothers who do not have support through their pregnancy and also working with those who struggle with addiction. Skyler will also have his Jujitsu tournament in March which we are looking forward too as well as a trip to Harry Potter world! Ivy loved Halloween so much that as each night would get darker earlier she would put on her halloween costume grab her pumpkin and head to the door and ask to go trick-or-treating every  S I N G L E night! Its been exhausting but we love her anyway!

2016 is almost gone and 2017 almost here. I am going to make the most of it just smile through all the pain and struggles. Whatever may come my way I am ready and I am willing. I want to learn all that I can.