How 19 Mott Avenue came to be.

19 Mott Avenue

New London, CT

In the beginning... 

This is where the magic happened. Dreams were coming true. So many memories happened here. I miss New England so much. My first memory here was walking down the beach in Neptune Park looking at the lighthouse that was across the street from us. From the amazing wood siding to its colonial style feel it really was a dream. 

Living in the Connecticut Sound was a total dream. Honestly When I think about my time in New England this is what I think of except for everything being crimson, burnt orange and twenty shades of brown colored leaves.  When Skyler drove us onto the historical Mott Avenue I was beyond amazed. Living across from the beach where seasons existed was pretty much a dream come true. But walking into the house was even better. Little bits and pieces of everything I had ever imagined wanting for a home came together like puzzle and although this was not a permanent home it definitely felt like home for the moment. 

This was the first home Skyler and I lived in when we had first got married. I get chills just looking over and reminiscing over the past and just remembering how magical our time was there. I know Sky has a different story being that he associates New England with Navy and his time in New England wasn't like mine but there was a lot of great things about being here.  

These stairs we're incredible and actually the first thing I noticed about the house. You walk into the house and its this amazing spacious soul filled piece of history. The house was built in 1909 and was also down the street from the Lighthouse Inn which was popular with Hollywood stars in the 1940's for a weekend getaways. This house and neighborhood was an experience I will never forget with countless memories and some of the best days of my life I will never forget my time there. 

Here. Right here, Skyler and I promised our souls to be one. Right here we we're married. Here we eloped on Cold winter night. The windows open, listening to the ocean while the fire  flames danced behind us. We were married. I moved away from Salt Lake City to be married here in New London and began my journey with the most incredible man I had ever met. Although it was purely coincidence for me to live in New York City and he in Connecticut at the same time. I believe our lives we're meant to find each other in the most peculiar way. The first time I saw him was at a train station. The song playing at the time? First Train Home by Imogen Heap. Every little piece of our lives have meaning behind it. We were two introverts destined to find each other.  You know he saved me. He saved me from a life that I was not meant to be living. He took me away and filled my heart with adventure and experiences that I never knew to be possible. And he thinks he's the lucky one. One thing I know is this -- I know my mother though she isn't here in this world. I know she was in on it. In on bringing our lives together. I know she would have loved him. 

This kitchen. So many memories. Sky made our first dinner in here. I also burned a lot of dinners in here. My many attempts at being a wife. I should have told him I was expert in making cereal. It was in here I knew we would be eating a lot of pizza. Thankfully Foxs Den Pizza was literally around the corner tucked away in the neighborhood.

One of my favorite moments was sitting at this dinning room table making my oldest daughters baby blanket while Skyler was away on an underway. They had left and were gone a while. 

Nights that Skyler wasn't home I would sit outside with tea and just listen to the waves crash on the shore and that is how I fell asleep every night. Literal white noise constantly playing. In the morning it was the same. Every morning waking up on 19 Mott Avenue was a dream. Some days even now with three little children its still a dream. I married a dream giver. A wish granter. The love of my life. The one who would make my dreams reality. The one who never stopped believing in me even when I dont believe in myself. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love him. We have this certain silent but mutual understanding. He tells me he loves me with his eyes. It always amazes me how the universe came together for just one day to make it possible for us to meet. All it took was one kiss. And I was hooked. Actually if I'm being completely honest. It was the fact that he and I were both listening to Sufjan Stevens at the same time in our lives when we were freshly made friends. We have these moments in our lives when we didnt even know each other. When we were across the oceans from each other  both going through these life growing moments, going through similar situations in our lives so when we found each other we could have this unspoken understanding. Its little things like this that confirms to me that the universe was meant to bring us together no matter how far away we were from each other. No matter what it took it was meant to happen. And so it did. I sometimes have these moments that terrify the hell out of me but I think what if we had never met? I could never find anyone who understands me like you do.


I love you Skyler. Thanks for being the one. 

i love you to the moon and back giveaway


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 
― William Shakespeare

Growing up I always had a love for art. Not just one genre of art but I would say I loved it all. If it meant that one was able to share their soul with the world then so be it. Art is the Freedom people yearn for but cannot always find. Being able to be so in tune with your mind, heart and soul for me is the only true way that I know I will get anything out of this life. I live for the ever constant flow of creativity it is a huge drive in my life. 

With that being said, I want to do a small giveaway and also my first!  For the next week from Sunday June 12th to Saturday June 18th this watercolor painting is a downloadable link! Just click on the link below. In return all I ask is to pin the image and follow my instagram @19mottavenue. To pin the image be sure to hover over the photo.   


xoxo Alexa Pettengill