Easy Paint Clean up Donut Box

Easy Paint Clean Up Donut Box 

So this Saturday morning Daddy brought home donuts and surprised both girls with cute minmie and mickey mouse donuts! They were delicious if you were wondering and as I was cleaning up it dawned on me.. We could use these boxes for painting! It would be perfect! And the clean up would be too easy on me! See I am a painter and the girls sit next to me the entire time I am painting a piece and beg to paint the whole time and as much as I love the girls I just can't bring it to myself to let them use 20 dollar canvas's or expensive watercolor paper. So this was really just to perfect.

Easy Paint Clean Up Donut Box

For the love of Buffalo Check + Buffalo Check Christmas Tree

For The Love of Buffalo Check


Buffalo Check Christmas tree

I know what you are thinking.. Its November lady!! Its too early for Christmas decorations but I don't mind that one tiny bit! I've been putting this tree together for a while you could say. Buying little things here and there to finally finish it. I'm pretty in love.  

Buffalo Check Christmas Tree_3.jpg

One of my favorite things about this tree is the fact that its right next to the Saviors picture! Its a constant reminder that this is HIS season! 

He is the reason for the season

I also love that I used these Antlers at the top of the tree instead of your traditional star or angel. See my thought was that I would decorate and do a vintage tree this year. Decorate with anything that reminded me of my Grandparents. Anything from the 60's for christmas they had it! Always so exciting but this year I decided to make this tree mine. 

Buffalo Check instantly makes me feel cozy! I just want to snuggle right up on the couch with a good book and some hot chocolate and just be one with the universe. Actually scratch that I could use some snow. I need snow outside and then everything would be perfect! 

I also love decorating with sentimental ornaments. A few years ago my parents sent me a few decorations that were mine as a kid. Its pretty fun to be able to decorate with them now and in the coming years they'll go to my kids. 

Decorating yesterday and today was really because there is so much hate going on in the world with the 2016 elections and Christmas makes me happy. So we decorated and thought about how lucky we are to be alive and for how blessed we are. 

As you go out this season and buy gifts for those you love remember the reason we have this season is the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Personalized Thanksgiving Napkin Wrap - Free Download

Personalized Thanksgiving Napkin Wrap      

Free Download


I'm one of those people that loves the little touches. The things people probably don't notice. But detail is huge in my eyes. I whipped these up in ps6 Monday night because with Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of weeks I figure we are all somehow preparing a little bit here and there.  Now if you have a lot of company over for thanksgiving this is really perfect for getting everyone seated. 

Here I've made a free download for you to be able to  personalize yourself with your guests names in two different formats. For those with photoshop or an editing program the psd formatted download should download and open up right into your editing program. The jpeg format download you need to click on the photo below it will then open up, you should then right click and save. 

JPEG Format above



PSD Format below

Happy Thanksgiving!!

DIY Faux Fur & Velvet Ottoman Cover

diy Faux Fur & Velvet Ottoman Cover 

Okay so this is how this went down. I went into Hobby Lobby. That was the first mistake (or at least I'm sure my husband would think so ;) and I went in there looking for foam for building my ottoman. ^^^^ the one you see in the picture. 

So I went in there obviously I came out with more than I needed just fabric but I found this velvet fabric 1.5 yards of the soft deep gorgeous make me want to snuggle Santa Clause red velvet fabric. Plus this awesome faux fur and my mind exploded and it was like love at first sight. So.. I bought it. I thought it would be cute to drape over the ottoman. 

It was super simple. 

Plus it was plain to see the kids love it. Imogen was telling me how she loved it and thought it was so soft. So I leaned in real close and I looked at her and I said 

" You know Santa Clause? This is exactly what his clothes feel like... " 

So it's safe to say her whole day was made. 

All you need for this project is a sewing machine. Well plus the fabric but thats kind of  obvious. All I did was sew the 2 pieces of fabric so they were inside out then left a corner unsown so I could pull the cover through then I just stitched the corner up by hand.

Pretty simple and its the perfect little piece to add to your living room. I really love the faux fur look these days. It adds a little bit of fanciness to the room plus you won't break the bank buy making it yourself. I mean I looked up faux fur blankets and there was no way I could pay $200+ dollars on something like that so I am definitely glad I did this little DIY project. It was fun.   


Little man loves snuggling up with it too. I love him so much. 

Let me know if you try this project in the comments!

November Calendar Printable

November Calendar Print

Hello November! How did that happen? This year has gone by so fast! I'm a little bit sad the closer the end of the year comes the closer my last baby will be turning one. I mean he turns one in February but I feel like last year this time all I could think about was him coming during this time and now he'll be one in 3 months. Its so sad I can hardly believe it. Such a bittersweet moment. I am definitely soaking up these last moments. 

Anyways! Here is the November Printable. As always its incredibly adorable and free! One of my favorite things of course! Who doesn't love free! Just click on the picture then right click to save.


Happy November 1st 

Autumn Pumpkin Pick up Free Printable

Autumn Pumpkin Pick up Printable 

I know your thinking that is ADORABLE and I need it! Yes it is adorable and Yes you can have it! Printable downloads are the best! Its the easiest way to decorate the house for almost pennies alone! You can keep this cute Autumn printable out even through thanksgiving! The printable is from the cute Emmie at www.mysomedayinmay.com and the cute mock up is from www.welivedhappilyeverafter.com

5x7 Autumn Pumpkin Pick up

8x10 Autumn Pumpkin Pick up

Only 17 days left till Halloween & 41 till Thanksgiving! I love the holidays! 

How to create a dream board that will accomplish your life long goals.

How to create a dream board that will accomplish your life long goals.

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a goal or multiple goals but you really don't know where to start or to find the motivation. Maybe your not in the best place in your life or where you thought you might be by the time you were however old you are. I think at some point in all of our lives we can find ourselves stuck and needing help. 

Growing up my dad would tell me if I wanted something bad enough that I could make it happen. Envisioning your dreams, personal desires, goals is the first step in making it happen. My dad also LOVES making Vision boards. You would know if he was making one by the tiny clippings of paper, scissors, glue and magazines that were scattered around his office. My dad would be very serious about his vision boards as well. He would always make sure to leave it out in the open. Like in the kitchen or his office somewhere that he could look at his vision board several times throughout the day. 

Why have a vision board and how do they work? Firstly when you write anything down you are five times more likely to accomplish that task, goal, errand whatever you've written down. So when you can see the things you want in front of you the chances of you accomplishing that goal is even better. Vision boards are one of the minds most powerful exercises. 

Written from the book The Secret, “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”

Vision boards are great reminders of the successes that await you. 

What you need: 

  • poster board, cork board, dry erase board etc. (cork boards are best)
  • magazines, you can even search pinterest 
  • glue
  • scissors

Start by collecting all the things you would like to put on your board and glue or attach to your board. Be sure to label everything. The more clear your goals are the more attainable they will be.


I have made a Dream/Vision board here online and pinterest for you all to see as well as in my home. Remember Clear intentions will provide clear answers. 


Be sure to visit my Pinterest and to see more of my Pinterest vision board! 


be the energy you want to attract .jpg
Dream Vision Board.jpg
drawing closer to god.jpg
Dream Vision Board.jpg
bloggers gonna blog.jpg
paint more .jpg
buy a house.jpg
Antique Shop Ideas .jpg
Little Free Library.jpg

Enjoy! I hope you make your own vision board! Be sure to visit and check out my pinterest!


The easiest DIY Tufted Ottoman EVER!

Do-it-yourself Tufted Ottoman

19 Mott Avenue - living room .jpg
It was a hard decision choosing between these two fabrics!!!

It was a hard decision choosing between these two fabrics!!!

So this was seriously the easiest project I've ever attempted. I cannot emphasize the simplicity of it. Honestly it was harder to find what I needed because the ideas are endless of how you really want to customize your ottoman. But first I need to tell you how much luck I came into building this project. I started Monday so it went kinda like this

  • Monday - We went to the good will Monday morning. Saw some potential coffee tables (one of the items needed for this project) that I could use but decided to hold off and look at the other thrift store. So we go after school and I find seriously " the perfect " coffee table. Its' priced at   $24.00 bucks! Then I find out that anything with a green tag is HALF OFF! WHAT!? $12.00 dollars!? Yes please! So we're scrambling to the register chasing kids around. We get in line and this lady in front of me starts baby talking with Artis (the baby) and she asks is 3 kids hard? I was like yea but you adjust and eventually you dont know how you ever lived without them. We then go on to talking about Sky being in the military and she says thank you for his service it was all really sweet. So we're waiting and she walks up to the register and she turns around and waives to me and she says can I buy your table? WHAT!?!!! HECK YES YOU CAN! Of course I was modest about it and said are you sure but I was totally doing a dance in my mind! It was so awesome because things like that never happen to me! So then we load up the table and go home to tell Sky the awesome news!
  • Tuesday - We set out for Hobby Lobby and Joann's for fabric, foam, quilt batting, nail trim, paint and I also picked up a upholstery stapler as well as heavy duty staples. So we're at the register in hobby lobby and I ask if I can use the online 40% off coupon for the foam and the lady looks at me then looks over everything I have then counts me and all 3 of my kids she says " How about we do this. We ring up your 4 most expensive items separately and because there is 4 of you we use the 40% off coupon for all 4 of those items."  WWHAAAAATTTTT!!!!!?? I was like wait are you serious? She was like of course! So everything would have come up to 120 dollars but it came down to 62 dollars!!! Can you believe that?! The luck is unbelievable! So then we go to Joann's to pick up upholstery buttons and to check and see if there was other fabric I liked there. Well you can guess that there was definitely more fabric I loved. I ended up buying this pretty black and gray plaid and black gem like buttons. We get up to the register and of course the fabric was half off and so were the buttons. Definitely another lucky day for me! 
  • Wednesday - I started on the table and tufting. However! I want to add that Abbie from M is for Mama came up with this amazing tutorial so I'm going to give it over to her to explain in better detail for this seriously easy DIY tufted ottoman.                         


I will say that an ottoman really makes your house feel so much cozier plus its pretty and I do love pretty things! Next I want to add a fur accent blanket with velvet backing but thats for another day :) 



Fall Printables

Fall Printable Download

Because it's Friday and tomorrow is the first day of October I am starting the weekend off right and thats with giving away some seriously cute downloads! You can never have enough cute and fun Fall Printables! Feel Free to click the button below each Fall Print to download the image. 




Anthropology Inspired Snow Globes

Anthropology Inspired Snow Globes 

I love these little mason jar snow globes. They are my favorite. I find myself going to the thrift store often looking for mason jars so that I can make them. They are adorable! I even keep them out all year long not just christmas time. They really are so simple to make and there are so many variations that you can make. I have these cute simple bottle brush pine trees with momma and baby deer and buffalo snow all hot glued to the bottom. 

My most favorite variation are these Narnia Snow Globes. I bought the lights at a store called the Christmas Tree Shop. Although you could probably use any street lamp posts from Christmas Villages. Any brand works although I'm pretty sure that most lights like these that come in christmas villages they usually have 3-4 in a wired set that are battery operated. But again they are so simple. So cute and So easy. 

Materials Needed:

  • mason jar
  • figurines that can fit inside the jar
  • hot glue
  • fake snow


I would love to see the variations others come up with. Be sure to comment below!

Autumn Tree

Autumnal Equinox 

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

This is my season people. I love everything about it and that fact that I live in SoCal is a complete travesty as I dont get to see real Fall Foliage but I am not going to let that ruin it for. This is why for the last 3 years I have taken it upon myself to change things up a bit. Yes that is in fact a fall tree. I love it. And I dont care what any thinks about that. Seriously though. I get people telling me how crazy it is that I put up my Halloween or Autumn decorations in mid August but I have a few facts in my eyes that proves why I am not actually all that crazy. 

  1. Everyone associates school starting with Fall. Even the schools do! You go back to school in the Fall. Everyone does except for those poor souls who start in July (sorry guys!) They always have out their cute fall leaves and some apples (yes i know of course there is apples schools associates apples with teaching and teachers and all that jazz!) Because! School starts at the beginning of Fall. See I am not so crazy!
  2. I live Southern California. The land of Summer is what I call it. I feel backwards here and lets face it. Its 90 flipping degrees in December here. If I waited for a change of weather to decorate for the change of season we would skip all the holidays and decorate our houses with flip flops and and sunshine all year long. That is a no go for me. 
  3. Everyone loves pumpkin. You think you dont but I assure you, you do. 
  4. My kids love fall. We even just celebrated my 5 year olds birthday. What was her request for a birthday cake? A witch cake! I tell you its genetic. The love of Autumn is genetic. 
  5. You can't tell me that somewhere inside you, your heart does not flutter even the slightest when you see pumpkins and fun decorations fall food that smells incredible. 

So yes! I decorated mid August. Call the decoration police on me! My kids love it and guess what? That tree up there^^^ yea, my husband bought that for my BIRTHDAY! August 8th. (Thanks Babe!) Yes he even supports it. He's a good man for sure. 

So I wanted to share my Autumn wonderland here inside our cute little house. And I know your going to ask so I will beat you to it first. My house is normally very decorated and I think because of that reason my kids are so use to seeing things like this everyday that they dont touch them out of the sheer fact that its just " normal " to them. Anyways I hope you enjoy.

p.s. I am fully aware Autumn does not start until September 22nd. 


Felt Leaf Autumn Garland - with FREE Autumn Leaf graphics

Autumn Leaf Garland 

Autumn Leaf Garland

Soo... I know its July.. But technically almost August. With today being July 29th and all we are what... July 30th - July 31st - AUGUST! like 2ish days away from August we are basically hitting Autumn soon... Well not really here in Southern California. I can kiss those dreams goodbye. HOWEVER! when I lived in New England you bet come mid August people consider that Fall! The cider mills start up again, orchards are ready for apple picking and here and there you can find a pumpkin! So I declare August OK to start thinking about Autumn. My husband thinks I'm absolutely crazy which I am completely Okay with. If its one thing I am crazy about it is Autumn. We got talking actually on the whole subject when he started talking trash on my pumpkin spice tea that I made after my bubble bath tonight and I got thinking. I have loved Autumn forever. As a child Halloween was my favorite holiday - still is. As I got older and my love for school grew I associated the beginning of the school year with Fall which again made me love it. 7th grade came and thats when I realized my love for photography because of my obsession with taking photos of leaves. Some of my favorite memories happen in the fall. 

For me Autumn is the equivalent of New years Day. My whole year starts fresh the first day of Fall. And actually I celebrate the Autumnal Equinox just like others celebrate any other holiday. There's a whole lot of pumpkin involved along with bringing out all the Autumn decorations (actually if I'm being totally honest I decorate before the first day..) This really isn't an obsession its more of me just expressing how much I love it. See I am currently stuck in one those unlucky places on this planet that does not have an actual Autumn. No leaves fall. You trick-or-treat in the heat and thats where things get complicated. I was moved from the most beautiful place in this country for Autumn (New England) where I had the opportunity to take sunday evening, back road trips through miles and miles of gorgeous crimson, burnt orange and more shades of brown colored leaves on trees than I can count. Moved to Sunny Los Angeles. Ha.. now I am grateful for the opportunity but you can bet that after this chapter is over I am moving back to a place where seasons exist. 

Tonight Skyler and I were discussing my love or as he says my obsession and how far back it goes. I got my first debit card at 15 years old. I still own it even though its been expired for years. I designed my card and on the card is an Autumn tree. We discussed as teenagers most have their favorite band poster on their room wall. I had posters of Autumn leaves. I could go on about this but the point is. is that I love Autumn. And I dont think theres a problem at all with that. It makes me happy. Its refreshing. " Life starts all over again when it gets Crisp in the Fall " F. Scott Fitzgerald -- He knew exactly what he was talking about.

SOO during this month of July I started a project that literally took all month long to finish with vacation, kids and just a lack of time it took that long. I did finish it and it is the perfect piece to add to my fall decor and honestly I do keep up a few things here and there all year long that remind me of fall and I think this one might be a keeper. 

This really was a simple project it just takes a lot of patience. 

I used about 5 sheets of felt fabric from Hobby Lobby and I traced paper leaves on each piece of fabric. I did as many as I could as I wanted the garland to be long. Note- your fingers get dirty with all the tracing with a black marker and its really unavoidable. Although if you have a cricket or silhouette (not sure how those two are actually spelled) this project will take maybe 2 hours tops if you choose to hand sew the leaf veins. 

Here below are the leaves that I used to trace for my felt leaves. Click on the button link below to get your free leaf graphics.  As far as materials go this really was as simple as it gets for something that turns out so beautifully. 

  • Felt Fabric - whatever colors 
  • Embroidery string 
  • scissors 
  • permanent marker
  • Leaf Graphic - cut out to trace
  • sewing machine if you want to sew all your leaves together or you can also string all the leaves together as well as hand sew the leaf veins. 
  • Patience and Time

Hope you love it! Let me know how yours turns out!