Autumn Tree

Autumnal Equinox 

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

This is my season people. I love everything about it and that fact that I live in SoCal is a complete travesty as I dont get to see real Fall Foliage but I am not going to let that ruin it for. This is why for the last 3 years I have taken it upon myself to change things up a bit. Yes that is in fact a fall tree. I love it. And I dont care what any thinks about that. Seriously though. I get people telling me how crazy it is that I put up my Halloween or Autumn decorations in mid August but I have a few facts in my eyes that proves why I am not actually all that crazy. 

  1. Everyone associates school starting with Fall. Even the schools do! You go back to school in the Fall. Everyone does except for those poor souls who start in July (sorry guys!) They always have out their cute fall leaves and some apples (yes i know of course there is apples schools associates apples with teaching and teachers and all that jazz!) Because! School starts at the beginning of Fall. See I am not so crazy!
  2. I live Southern California. The land of Summer is what I call it. I feel backwards here and lets face it. Its 90 flipping degrees in December here. If I waited for a change of weather to decorate for the change of season we would skip all the holidays and decorate our houses with flip flops and and sunshine all year long. That is a no go for me. 
  3. Everyone loves pumpkin. You think you dont but I assure you, you do. 
  4. My kids love fall. We even just celebrated my 5 year olds birthday. What was her request for a birthday cake? A witch cake! I tell you its genetic. The love of Autumn is genetic. 
  5. You can't tell me that somewhere inside you, your heart does not flutter even the slightest when you see pumpkins and fun decorations fall food that smells incredible. 

So yes! I decorated mid August. Call the decoration police on me! My kids love it and guess what? That tree up there^^^ yea, my husband bought that for my BIRTHDAY! August 8th. (Thanks Babe!) Yes he even supports it. He's a good man for sure. 

So I wanted to share my Autumn wonderland here inside our cute little house. And I know your going to ask so I will beat you to it first. My house is normally very decorated and I think because of that reason my kids are so use to seeing things like this everyday that they dont touch them out of the sheer fact that its just " normal " to them. Anyways I hope you enjoy.

p.s. I am fully aware Autumn does not start until September 22nd.