NARS Matte Lipstick Review

NARS Matte Lipstick


This color! Pictures dont do the justice! I wanted to do a review because I have gone through several brands of lipstick looking for this exact shade of purple/brown/red  matte lipstick and I've never actually found one until now. And honestly I think its mostly because I never ventured outside of 16 dollar lipsticks. I mean I do love high end make up.. But I won't lie I do like a deal too. But for my birthday my husband let me splurge a little bit. I think its because he knew I needed to test the waters outside my regular favorites which are Lorac Pro, MAC, Bare Minerals. Its $27.00 dollars. I did have sticker shock at first but beauty comes with price right? 

p.s. my eyes are not that green but hair is -- i think the color of my hair makes my eyes look more green . 

p.s. my eyes are not that green but hair is -- i think the color of my hair makes my eyes look more green . 

After I purchased all the things that I thought I might need as far as make up goes it came around to $200 bucks for just a few items. 

  • Foundation
  • Pressed Powder
  • Pressed eye shadow
  • Matte Lipstick 
  • Blush 

Yep! It wasn't cheap. I will say this. You pay for what you get. In recent years I used Mary Kay. Now I have nothing against the make up. My husband told me to try something new. I had been suggested NARS cosmetics a few times so I finally decided to take the plunge. 

You can buy NARS cosmetics at a Nordstrom Counter or at Sephora and some places online. I know on their website they can locate stores that also sell their products. 


Sorry for the weird angle I needed the best light possible to bring the sticker to focus. It just so happened to be right between my legs! Whatever it worked! Anyways VOLGA! That is the name of the matte lipstick. I kinda love the name. It sorta reminds me of a sexy german beer girls. You know the ones in the super short dress with the ever so cute and seriously popular braid up-do. I would imagine their name being " Volga " and saying it with a german accent as well ha! Its late you cannot expect me to be writing a serious Lipstick review right now.  

In short. BUY THIS LIPSTICK! It will make your dreams come true. Its so pretty. It lasts forever and through meals. I am not kidding either. I ate a piece of pizza and this bad boy looked like I hadn't touched it at all! Let me know what you think! 


p.s. Buy the blush! its called " Super Orgasm" it has the prettiest chunky sparkles in it. Like I said. Pictures do not do the Justice.