25 things to do before summer ends

25 things to do before summer ends!

Its July People! The year is more than half way over! Can you hardly believe it!? All of July we are vacationing most of July which means I have a long list of things that I would like to do before summer ends! 

  1. Go Camping
  2. Have a bonfire on the beach
  3. Eat a S'more
  4. Swim in the ocean
  5. Go to the drive-in
  6. Sleep on the trampoline
  7. Take a road trip
  8. Watch live music
  9. Make a summer cream pie (coconut & pistachio are my fave!)
  10. Stargaze
  11. Plant a garden
  12. Read all your favorite books
  13. Go to a Cat Cafe and get your favorite drink and pet kitties!
  14. Host a BBQ
  15. Bake a cake for someones birthday
  16. Eat shaved ice
  17. Drive with the windows down and the music up
  18. Take a class for something you've always wanted to learn
  19. Pick berries
  20. Walk through an Arboretum 
  21. Have a picnic
  22. Run a 5k
  23. Watch fireworks with someone 
  24. Attach a lock to a love bridge 
  25. Have an unforgettable summer


Its only the beginning of July so hurry before the fall is here!