Benefits of drinking hot lemon water

Every morning after I wake up I like to fill up my tea kettle and heat up water and drink Hot Lemon water. I try to drink it as hot as I can because of the amazing benefits that come with it which I will get to in a second. I started drinking Hot Lemon water almost 8 years ago after I had talked with one of my co-workers who shared this same healthy habit. She came into work her skin was stunning I'm not just saying that either she was practically glowing! Did I mention she wore ZERO makeup!? I mean seriously! I had to ask her what her skincare regimen was and she said actually didn't use anything besides a mild soap from Clinique which had me curious if she actually had some secret skincare product that she wasn't telling anyone else about or she had phenomenal genetics. Later on I saw her filling up her water with hot water and putting lemons in it. Immediately I thought oh my gosh that sounds horrendous. I like lemons but I couldn't imagine drinking anything lemon that was hot. So I asked her what was the deal with her hot lemon water. She then told me all these awesome benefits that come with drinking hot lemon water.

At this time in my life I was just then making healthy changes to my lifestyle. My junior year of high school and also my last year because I had graduated a year early I had just started paying attention to the things I was putting into my body. I went to a high school that did not have a normal hot lunch cafeteria. They mostly offered foods full of sugar but there was the occasional fruit bowl left out. I also didn't go to a normal high school either. I went to an Art High school that was literally only a few years new. Anyways my co-worker told me one of the main reason she drank hot lemon water was because it incredibly beneficial for flushing toxins out of your body. Back then I had no idea that what you ate was a contributing factor when it came to acne. And well.. Its true the old saying  " You are what you eat " because seriously eating unhealthy is a huge result of acne. Of course genetics to play a big role as well but I know that when I ate cleaner my skin cleared up immensely. 


Now for the good stuff! Drinking 8 ounces of hot water with a whole squeezed lemon which you can do a half lemon if your not fond of lemon will not only flush out toxins but also does so much more for you than just that but also drinking 8 ounces of water after waking up also helps aid in digestion. 

  • Fat Flushing 
  • Hydration
  • Aid in digestion
  • Helps build alkaline 
  • Balances pH levels 
  • Can reduce wrinkles
  • Improves oral health
  • Increases weight loss
  • High amounts of Vitamin C

You can also add coconut oil to your hot lemon water, ginger, raw honey, ACV (apple cider vinegar), cayenne pepper for a good metabolism boost. Also a cool tip! The more alkaline you have in your body the less sick you will be. Bacteria, sickness, germs cannot survive in an environment that has high levels of alkaline. Thats why they say when you are sick to drink lemon and honey. I find this incredibly helpful as a mom of 3 there is no time to be sick. And if something as simple as drink hot lemon water in the morning can assist me in making sure that I am healthy then I am willing to take the time out of mornings to do this. My favorite thing about drinking hot lemon water is that when I do I do not want sugar as much.


Starting your day will give you the boost your body needs even if you only try this for just a couple of days I know you'll notice the benefits of such a healthy habit! 

xoxo Alexa Pettengill 

Benefits of drinking hot lemon water