To the mom behind me at Target

To the mom behind me at Target .jpg

Dear Mom behind me at Target. Today I saw you having a hard time. Don't worry I have days like that too. I saw you talking to another woman when I spotted something dripping from your cart. As I mentioned it I also ran over to your little boy and took the shampoo bottle he had opened up and squeezed everywhere. I know you were upset and I saw everyone looking at you standing there. But I want you to know that not any kind of judgment even crossed my mind.  

My first thought was ask the closest employee for paper towels and get your little boy out of your cart. So I did. I don't know you. But what I do know is that in that moments time I would hope that somewhere out there another mom will do the same for me some day. In a moments time in a mothers world all hell can break loose at a drop of a hat. We all know that. I mean.. Have you ever been successful with getting your 3 year old to use the blue cup when they wanted the pink one? No? Don't worry me either. We know kids are crazy! 

I've been there. I am not judging you for one second. I actually contemplated on taking your little boy over to the snack bar so you could have a little bit of peace. Its usually my attempt to tame my lions which always consist of bags of popcorn and juice boxes to get through target which end up all over the floor. (Sorry target employees). I really wanted to give you a big hug and tell you that you aren't as crazy as you feel. You aren't a bad mother and that motherhood is just really freaking hard. 

Once I was grocery shopping with my 3 crazies I was at the checkout. The 3 year old in the cart. The 5 year old walking around and me wearing the baby. I wasn't a pleasant site. I was really stressed out and it was plain to see that I needed help. Another mom came up from behind me touched my shoulder and looked at me and said your doing okay. She then stopped me from bagging my groceries and bagged them for me. - Thank you to that mother from me. 

I hope the next time you see a struggling mother do what you can to reassure her that she is doing a good job. Encouraging words like this help more than you'll ever imagine.