The Ultimate Creative Playlist

The Ultimate Creative Playlist 

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Right now in my life I have a plethora of writing content ideas and this is one of them. Every time I sit down to paint I need music to create a space of energy to allow creativity to flow freely. Music is always number O N E on my list to help creativity to be stimulated. It allows the ideas to just pour from my mind and spill out on to the keyboard or canvas. Here are few ways that music can allow you a creative mental enviornment for you to generate and brainstorm all of your ideas. 

  Music can improve your mood 

One of the most amazing benefits of listening to music is that it can influence how you feel and can even alter your mood. As you listen to a song that you like, the brain triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin — “feel-good” neurotransmitters that flush your brain with positive emotions and enhance functioning. The power of these chemicals is sometimes so strong that they result in the sensation of a “chill” or “tingle” as you listen to a song, and interestingly, these effects can continue to have an impact even after the music has ended.

Music relaxes you

Just as music can fill us with happiness, it can also act as a tension reliever when we’re feeling stressed. Numerous studies have shown that music’s relaxing effects can be seen in almost anyone, including newborn babies. As we listen to soothing music, our muscles relax, the pace of our breathing slows, and our stress levels reduce. The more relaxed we feel, the more our minds tend to wander, and the more likely we are to come up with creative solutions.

Music Sparks Inspiration

Most of us have experienced how listening to a specific song can transport us back to a previous time, place, or emotion we’ve experienced. Sometimes, a song evokes a general recollection — memories from a period of life such as college, a particular summer, or a friendship from childhood. At other times, a song can bring to mind a specific event or moment in our lives, such as a party, or maybe a difficult break-up. If you’re in search of inspiration, music can act as a strong memory cue and a powerful catalyst for sparking ideas.

(in no particular order)

  1. The National - Fake Empire, England
  2. Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay, Like a rolling stone
  3. The Troggs - Love is all around 
  4. Azure Ray - Sleep
  5. John Lennon - Imagine
  6. David Bowie - Heroes
  7. Sufjan Stevens - Chicago, Romulous, UFO sighting
  8. Arcade Fire - Afterlife
  9. The Smiths - This Charming Man, Heaven knows I'm miserable now, Ask
  10. St Lucia - Call Me Up
  11. Washed Out - Soft, New Theory, All I know
  12. Beach House - Walk in the park
  13. Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey, Step
  14. Bon Iver - Michicant 
  15. Savoir Adore - Dreamers 
  16. Andrew Belle
  17. Drew Bearfoot - Enjoy The Calm
  18. William Fitzsimmons 
  19. Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
  20. Chvrches - Down side of me
  21. Goldroom - Till Sunrise
  22. GEMS - All I Ever 
  23. Mac Demarco - Robinson Girl
  24. DWNTWN - Stood me up
  25. St. Vincent - The Strangers
  26. The Shins - Turn on me, Sleeping Lessons 
  27. The Decembrists - Shiny
  28. Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat, Choose the one who loves you
  29. Tilian - (Material Me album & Future Friends album)
  30. The Helio Sequence - Back To This
  31. Connor Oberst - (Upside down mountain album)
  32. Brights Eyes - A Scale, a mirror and those indifferent clocks, At The bottom of everything , First day of my life 


Have a great listen :)