Finding the Calm during Election time. (how to not let elections destroy your inner peace)

Finding the Calm during Election time. 

(how to not let elections destroy your inner peace)

I will just say this bluntly. I despise the year we have to vote. It exposes the black beasts within all of us. Its unfortunate that the same month and season that we are to be grateful and to search for peace in our hearts that our country is in this emotional, physical and mental civil war with each other because of elections. Now don't get me wrong. I am proud to be apart of country where we can vote and choose our leader. But it is torturous to watch. The bitterness between a divided country, its disconcerting. This  election has been the ugliest, most horrific and discomforting election I have seen and read about in all of Americas voting history. I feel like this country is full of hostility driven human beings during election time. But especially this election. Each passing day there is a little bit of fear lingering in the back of my mind, that no matter which candidate wins that I do fear for this country. I am not going to go into who I think would be the best individual to lead this country because if I'm being honest.. O N E: Jesus should be president. Theoretically and quite literally speaking. T W O: Neither candidate I feel is good enough to be our president. But that is beside the point. The point of this blog post is how one can achieve to find the calm, the peace, the love during this time. 


  1. Lets get real. Do your research and choose a candidate that represents and believes in what YOU feel is right. Everyone is different but this is an important part of our countries history. It is your right to vote. Take advantage of that and vote. But leave it at that. Even though it feels this way do not allow social media to be your newspaper. 
  2. Limit your screen time. Mostly Facebook or just unfollow those who are unable to keep the peace. That means for you also to not join in and be apart of the verbal attacks. I just joined Facebook after a 10 month break and it was refreshing. I feel like I left on bad terms. I was full of anxiety as well as 9 months pregnant and knew I needed a break. It was good for me. 
  3. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. 

  4. Easier said than done. But so incredibly beneficial for your soul. I think its so important to make time for your daily meditation. Even if its for 5 minutes. Collect yourself and your thoughts. 
  5. Be informed not obsessed. The truth is that election time and the topics of the elections is that no matter what, it is almost always a negative oriented conversation. Just stay away from it. This does nothing but eat at your soul. Don't waste your precious time on having negative conversation that will go no where. Also remember not all blogs, websites etc. are reliable sources. If you can remember this it will save you a lot of time and pointless stress.
  6. Only reply to positive comments. (I think this one is pretty self explanatory.)
  7. No matter what we do only one person can be president. If it comes down to it that our future president is not the person you had in mind stay positive and come to terms with the fact that they weren't your first choice and probably not even your last however doing so will make the next 4 years less miserable for you.      

As time draws nearer to November I am quietly observing amongst the millions of americans who speak of this election that they are creating the president they hate. I see many of my friends who are kind and loving individuals speak of the monster the opposing presidential nominee is but in reality you are becoming the monster you speak of. Do not let this be you. Stand tall and be better than this. Feed the heart, not the trolls. You can still win this election even if your presidential nominee does not. If you only focus on the negative qualities in the opposing nominee that is all you will get. The law of attraction says: "

" I attract whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative. "